Kemble Interiors

These custom floral chandeliers were built for the talented designers at Kemble Interiors. Built in copperand brass, each of the petals is cut, rolled and swedged by hand. It is suspended by a unique solid cast brass chain and canopy and is finished in a verdigris patina. The results are stunning!

The Flywheel

Local clients brought us three old cast-iron flywheels from an industrial-era leather belt driven power system and asked us to make them into a series of chandeliers. Wireways were made by bending brass tubing along the flywheel's curved spokes. We were able to hide the bright brass of the wireways by painting to match the original patina. Given our construction methods the fixtures were UL approved and labeled thus allowing seemless installation.

Campobello Cornucopia

This massive custom version of our Cornucopia Chandelier was built for Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Beloved Island" summer retreat at Campobello in Canada. Standing over six feet tall and seven feet in diameter, this 24 light fixture filled the warm, wainscoted space beautifully. You can see the orginal candle fixture c. 1790-1810 in the bottom right. Many years ago we had the opportunity to study the original before it was sold at auction. Our painstaking work to capture the intricacies of how this spectacular chandelier was constructed allowed us to electrify it and keep its legacy alive for future generations to enjoy.

Arts and Crafts Post Light

The original lantern was brought to us by from a splendid tutor reproduction home in Hartford CT. This matched pair sit atop two stone piers at the end of a driveway.

  • The interesting cruciform cutouts on this lantern were achieved using a series of manual punches. The build required careful sizing of the original ratios to arrive at the same angles since disassembly of the original was not an option. Even the pointed finial was taper ground from a piece of square stock brass bar.

  • Can you tell which one is the original and which is our lovingly made reproduction? We take enormous pride in working closely with our clients to create beautiful lighting and preserve history.

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