Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Given that we deal in the business of lights and we work and live in the Northeast, seasonal changes are of particular importance here at Authentic Designs.

And now, on the autumnal equinox, we mark the retreat of our sun as it heads south to wait out the winter cold. The equinox, both vernal and autumnal, is the point at which our sun crosses the celestial equator. Now, for but a few short hours, the night and the day are equal, the endless battle of light and dark settles in momentary stasis. And then with no bells or fanfare, the night's grasp on the northern hemisphere strengthens. 

Autumn in Vermont is a miracle to behold; a fireworks display of foliage with chilly temps and a crispness to each day. Each morning thick fog is settled deep in the hollows and valleys. Each afternoon we pick ripe tomatoes from the vine, pull carrots from the ground and pluck apples from the canopy, thankful for the harvest. And as the darkness progresses, the fixtures we tirelessly build year round begin to shine a bit brighter and a bit longer. In a way, it's the darkness that brings all of our hard work to light.

No matter the season and always against the bucolic backdrop of Vermont, the workshops at Authentic Designs are buzzing with exciting progress and new projects. We are currently developing a new line of lighting for a fantastic design firm based out of Utah (more to follow on that). This has been a wonderful opportunity to explore new styles and designs as well as infuse a bit of modernity into our traditional way of doing things. 


In other news, we have partnered with Cheap Old Houses to bring you our biggest giveaway yet. Stay tuned and check back in on 09/26 at our instagram, @authenticdesigns.lighting, for the chance to win Authentic Designs lighting for your very own project! 

Pictured above are a few fixtures from our Equinox Collection. This transitional collection works well in classic federalist, farmhouse, or more contemporary decors. Simple and elegant, these fixtures are great for any space including foyers, stairwells, dining rooms and hallways.

Despite the constantly changing scenery, Authentic Designs persists, delivering the highest quality chandeliers, lanterns and lamps, proudly made in our Vermont workshops. And so, as the chilly days set in, rest assured we will keeping warm splitting wood and huddling by the soldering furnace.


Ps. If you have Authentic Designs fixtures and are interested in sharing photos of our lights in your space, we would be delighted to see them (and share with your permission). 

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