• Michael Krauss

    Second Generation Owner Michael is the president of Authentic Designs. He wears many hats and works principally as our shop manager and custom lighting designer. Michael apprenticed as a coppersmith with Abraham Flam years ago in NYC and through his own study and application has developed a well rounded knowledge of lighting history. Michael especially enjoys the process of bringing ideas on paper to life.

  • Maria Peragine

    Co-Owner and vice president Maria is the “go-to” person who oversees and directs all of the administrative functioning at AD.  She provides our clients with exceptional customer service and is also the principal voice answering our phones to help clients through any particulars or questions concerning order placement. Without her steady and consistent hand at the tiller the boat wouldn’t float! 

  • Ronald Facin

    A trained glassblower, Ron studied at Alfred University to complete his degree. He has a wide ranging set of building skills, and has been working at Authentic Designs for over 15 years. Ron is responsible for all sheet metal chandelier and lantern fabrication and brings his varied skill sets to bear in a variety of productive ways around our shop.

  • Stan Macri

    Stan has been with Authentic Designs for almost 20 years. Besides being the man who artfully packs all our lighting Stan also heads up the plating department and is principally in charge of applying special finishes to our work. He performs this often painstaking job with patience and a resourceful sense of humor

  • Lucas Krauss

    In and out of the shop since childhood, the third generation of Krauss family is now responsible for our social media and marketing department. A keen videographer, Lucas also creates all of our in house media.

  • Glenn Holmes

    In his time at Authentic Designs, Glenn's versatility and good nature has made him an indispensable part of our rod arm assembly team. He tackles any and all projects with a discerning attention to detail.

  • Ron McCullen

    A talented machinist and tooling expert, Ron has made a significant impact within Authentic Designs. He creates jigs for building lanterns and chandeliers and keeps all the tools in working order.

  • John Hubbard

    A skilled woodworker and craftsman, John manages our woodshop and is our facilities caretaker. His skills are unparalleled and his ability to tackle any challenge he is given, makes him an indispensible team member.

  • Travis Raymond

    With an Electrical Engineering background, Travis does all of the wiring, UL testing, and final assembly to make sure our lights are perfect and safe for generations to come. Nothing escapes his keen eye in the final steps before our lights are sent to their new homes.

  • Josie Shop Dog

    Josie is tasked with shop responsibilities that include but are not limited to; napping, tail wagging, barking, and treat eating. Her knowlege of Early American Dog house lighting along with her kennel lantern design chops are revered by many.

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