• Michael Krauss

    Second Generation Owner Michael is the shop manager and chief custom lighting designer. A master metal worker and lighting history specialist, Michael has the design skill and aesethic sensibilities to bring any idea into reality.

  • Maria Peragine

    Co-Owner Maria is responsible for keeping the front of house running like a well-oiled machine. She and husband Michael work hand in hand to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and bespoke products.

  • Ronald Facin

    A trained glassblower, Ron has been with Authentic Designs for over 15 years. He is a master tinsmith and is responsible for all sheet metal lantern fabrication.

  • Stan Macri

    Stan has been with Authentic Designs for almost 20 years. He is in charge of special finishes and plating and makes sure all of our lights go out beautifully finished.

  • Sharon King

    Versatile and talented, Sharon is the head of the paint department. She is also involved in Rod Arm manufacturing and assembly.

  • Lucas Krauss

    In and out of the shop since childhood, the third generation of Krauss family is now responsible for our social media and marketing department. A keen videographer, Lucas also creates all of our in house media.

  • Glenn Holmes

    In his time at Authentic Designs, Glenn has become an indispensible part of our "hub" team. He builds almost all of the fixtures in our Rod Arm range with extraordinary care and skill.

  • Ron McCullen

    A talented machinist and tooling expert, Ron has made a significant impact within Authentic Designs. He creates jigs for building lanterns and chandeliers and keeps all the tools in working order.

  • Cail Johnstone

    With a background in systems and inventory managment, Cail is invaluable to the organization of our shop. Her versatile skill set allows her to flow seamlessly between manufacturing and front end challenges.

  • John Hubbard

    A skilled woodworker and craftsman, John manages our woodshop and is our facilities caretaker. His skills are unparalleled and his ability to tackle any challenge he is given, makes him an indispensible team member.

  • Travis Raymond

    With an Electrical Engineering background, Travis does all of the wiring, UL testing, and final assembly to make sure our lights are perfect and safe for generations to come. Nothing escapes his keen eye in the final steps before our lights are sent to their new homes.

  • Josie Shop Dog

    Josie is tasked with shop responsibilities that include but are not limited to; napping, tail wagging, barking, and treat eating. Her knowlege of Early American Dog house lighting along with her kennel lantern design chops are revered by many.

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