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Princeton Library Pendant - Two Arm

Princeton Library Pendant - Two Arm

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Crafted entirely of solid brass, this classic style complements a broad range of interiors: choose our silvery pewter finish to highlight the light white tones of the Scandinavian style, consider dark gunmetal for a transitional farmhouse interior, and look to the warm tones of basic brass as an ideal accent in a traditional setting filled with prints and fabrics. Three light version available as CH-319.


All metal parts are made of American sheet copper, brass or terne coated copper. Individual parts start out as sheets of metal on which patterns are laid out, cut, folded, rolled and soldered by hand. When called for in a particular model, wood parts are hand turned of Vermont maple and stained or painted in keeping with the original designs. We make no compromises with either materials or quality.

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W: 13.5 in x H: 15 in x D:

Care Instructions

Hand Burnished Copper

Copper parts are hand burnished and left uncoated to oxidize and age to a patina similar to an old penny.  

Terne-Coated Copper

A coating of hot-dipped tin alloy is applied to the raw copper sheet at the foundry.  When left exposed to the elements its bright new finish will dull down to a mottled gray.  

Darkened Terne Coated Copper

Terne-coated copper is oxidized by hand and then sealed to retain its blackened finish.  DO NOT USE METAL POLISH AS IT WILL REMOVE THE PLATING.

Hand Burnished Brass

Metal Parts are burnished and left uncoated to age naturally.  They will darken over time and acquire a black colored patina.  

Antique Pewter

Metal parts are hand-plated with our pewter formula.  They will oxidize darken and acquire the patina of mottled, old pewter.  DO NOT USE METAL POLISH AS IT WILL REMOVE THE PLATING.


Metal parts are plated with our custom blue-black formula.  

Finger Prints

Fingerprints on metal are initially prominent due to accelerated oxidation.   Each fixture is assembled by hand and the moisture in the skin darkens the contacted metal rapidly.  The drier remaining portions of exposed metal will darken more slowly.  Both areas will blend as they age and acquire a patina.  

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